I am an absolute beginner…is this ok?


I am a total beginner…I’ve never been on a sewing machine…I haven’t sewn since high school…I was awful when we did Textiles at school but I’ve always wanted to learn…


Sound familiar?! We get this question daily, if not multiple times a day. But please don’t worry! The vast majority of our customers start as absolute beginners, but all are sewing confidently in no time! Additionally all of our classes are 'free sew', where each individual chooses what they would like to make. You are therefore able to choose your own project, and work at your own speed. Plus all of the Sew Creative classes are quite small, which allows us to give you as much one to one support as you want/need.



What age do you teach from/to?


Our kids classes are for any little ones from age 6-11 and are in primary school, our teen sessions are for anyone in high school and aged between 11-17, and our adult classes are for anyone aged 17-117!



Can men/boys join in?


YES!! Your gender does not determine whether you are able to use a machine or not — as long as you’re a nice person, then you are welcome at Sew Creative, regardless of your gender, religion, nationality, disability, marital status or sexual orientation.



How is a class structured? What will I make?


Here at Sew Creative, we’re not in the business of telling you what you can or cannot make. All of our the classes are 'free sew' where each individual chooses what they would like to make. You are therefore able to choose your own project, and work at your own speed. The classes are also quite small, which allows us to give you as much one to one support as you want/need. If the thought of this panics you, then please don’t worry as we have lots of ideas, and will talk you through what is and isn’t possible based upon your experience level and what you would like to achieve. 



Can I bring a friend/relative with me?


If you are coming to an adult session and you would like to bring a friend or relative with you, then this is ok as long as they book and pay for a space in the class. Our studio may be a nice size, however it soon fills up with teachers, assistants, customers and piles of fabric and patterns. We therefore only allow paying customers to stay for the entirety of the class, as it is not fair on other paying customers. 



Can I stay with my child?


We are asked this question a lot, the answer is similar to the above question; we don’t have enough space for 6 children each with a parent. We understand that some children are very shy (we get it as we were all the quiet kids at school as well!), however on the odd occasion that we have allowed a parent to stay, the child never learns or achieves as much as they do when they’ve been left alone. Even the shyest of children come out of their shell when left, and they always do SO much better once they've been pushed (softly) out of their comfort zone. We often suggest that parents of nervous children go to Gran T’s Coffee Shop a few doors down, as they are a 10 second walk away if needed (plus they do great coffee!).  



Are you dog friendly/can I bring my pooch?


Yes and no…if you approach and you hear no barking, then feel free to bring in your furry friend, if you are popping in to view our fabric and pattern shop, or if you have an enquiry/would like to make a booking. We absolutely love dogs here at Sew Creative, however our shop dogs (i.e. Eric and Dotty) can be mildly territorial, especially Eric (who has a slight Napoleon Complex going on), so please don't bring your pooch in if they are there! 

If you’re coming in for a class, as much as we love really dogs, we unfortunately cannot have dogs staying with you during a class, even if Dotty and the mini Napoleon aren’t around — sorry! 




Can you send out samples of your fabrics?


Yes, we are more than happy to send you out samples. We always recommend that, if possible, you come to the shop to see the fabric in person, as we have more available in-store than online. We understand that this is not always feasible, therefore we are happy to send you sample pieces out. Please just get in touch via the contact form with details of the fabrics you are interested in, and remember to include your address. 



We hopefully have answered your questions, and you’re ready to book yourself in (link here​). If, however, we have missed something please use the contact form on the home page to ask us anything else!




Cancellation Policy:

We have recently updated our cancellation policy (Sept 2019), so please read below before booking a session with Sew Creative.



From September 2019 we will now require 5 working days notice if you would like to miss or swap a booked session (which has been booked verbally in-store or over the phone, via the online booking system, or via our social media platforms). 


All classes must be paid for in advance (this applies to block and singular payments) and are non-refundable. If you are a parent of a child attending Sew Creative, and they arrive and/or leave on their own without a parent, please ensure that new blocks and classes are paid for in advance. 


Singular sessions can be booked and paid online for all adult classes. With regards to children/teen classes and block payments (adult and children/teens), these can paid for either by visiting the shop, or you can find our online banking details below. 


Thank you in advance for your cooperation with this new policy.