Hi I’m Kate, I set up Sew Creative in 2016, however a lot of my customers are often surprised to hear that I haven’t always loved sewing - in fact I even paid one of my friends to sew my Year 7 Textiles project for me, then ditched the subject as soon as I was allowed in the following year! 


I eventually learnt to sew when I made the decision to study Fashion Design in Manchester. I naively thought that I would just be able to design the clothing, and was shocked (and horrified!) to find out that I also had to sew as well. There may have been many late nights sat by a sewing machine, feeling horribly confused, or tearing my hair out when I had to unpick again…but I finally caught the sewing bug. 


After my degree I worked in the fashion industry in both London and New York, before heading back up North to train to be a Textiles teacher and settle in Altrincham. Whilst teaching, I started to advertise sewing classes - it was originally just a way to earn a little extra money. I started on a table in Hobbycraft with a couple of old machines and some bits and pieces from my personal fabric stash. I sat there for several weeks, with no customers or interest, and was about to give up when Sue (now a member of staff!), my first ever customer, approached me asking if I’d teach her how to make her own patterns - and Sew Creative was born! 


You can find me at the studio most days, either teaching classes, attempting to do paperwork in the office downstairs, or starting (but rarely finishing) a new sewing project! I am also often accompanied by my two pooches, Eric (the naughty one) and Dotty (my little angel!). 


What started out as a random idea to make a bit of extra pocket money has somehow turned into a business, compete with a shiny new premises, wonderful members of staff and so many lovely customers! 

Alex joined the Sew Creative team having left teaching in February 2020, just two weeks before the first National Lockdown! When she was a teacher, she taught social science, so sewing was a bit of a change! Alex sews most of her own clothes and can usually be found wearing at least one me-made item in store during the week. Alex teaches our adult classes as well as our teenagers. She is also the shop’s manager, so if you need anything, she is always happy to help! You can find her on Instagram @sewalexfaye

"My favourite thing about being able to sew is making things that fit me properly. I'm almost 6ft tall so finding ready to wear trousers and dresses the right length has always been a challenge.Now I just make them to fit my body rather than the other way around!"


Dawn has been with us at Sew Creative for two years now and has become the heart and soul of the shop. Dawn is our resident neat-freak so she keeps us all nice and ship-shape. Dawn has been sewing for years and regularly makes herself gorgeous dresses and coats. Dawn can be found teaching our adults on a Tuesday and our Saturday classes. She is warm of heart and always up for a good natter!

Jayne joined Sew Creative in September 2020, in the midst of a Global Pandemic has has taken the rollercoaster ride like a true pro. Jayne’s career has been in lingerie design and she has worked with some of the biggest names in the biz! Jayne sews her won clothes, and loves making tailored trousers, she is always the picture of sophistication! Jayne works most weekdays and every other Saturday, teaching our kids and adult classes. She also teaches our Monday night adult lesson! 

Talitha joined the Sew Creative team in October 2020 and works every other Saturday teaching our children. Talitha is an ex-teacher who left that world and now has a full time ‘day-job’ in marketing. She works with us at Sew Creative to keep her hand in the sewing world and indulge her passion for working with children. Talitha sews garments of every description and can be found on Instagram @talithasews where you will also find plenty of adorable cat cameos!

In addition to our part and full time members of staff, Sew Creative also has a team of amazing volunteers who help us out every week. Lisa, Sue and Liz can be found lending a helping hand in our kids and adults classes, alongside some of our teen sewers who give up their precious weekends to work with us!

George is the newest and most adorable member of the Sew Creative team. He’s not old enough to sew yet, but can often be found in the shop sporting a mum-made outfit. You’ll also find his full modelling portfolio on Instagram, where you are guaranteed a regular dose of cuteness. He keeps Eric and Dotty very busy and despite being so small, is always the centre of attention! We’re all convinced he’ll be the next Patrick Grant!

Hi, I’m Eric. I can often be found guarding the front door at Sew Creative. While I might look big, tough and scary, I am actually quite a lovely chap. I love treats, cuddles, any food that you might be eating, and more cuddles. Please feel free to pick me up and cuddle me, instead of doing any sewing. I look forward to meeting you soon. Thank you.

Hi, I’m Dotty. I am pretty shy, but if you’re quiet and gentle I will come for some cuddles. I can often be found sleeping in my basket, or following my Mum around - just to make sure that she’s still there!