How To: Baby Bandana Bibs

We are shortly expecting a new arrival into the Sew Creative family. As Kate's due date draws nearer, the whole team has been busily making the cutest clothes and accessories to welcome our newest member. We know that making baby clothes isn't something everybody has the time or interest for, however handmade gifts really are extra special. That's why we've come up with a free pattern and tutorial for making the cutest baby bibs that are both practical and adorable! And the best part is, you can use up all of those jersey scraps left over from your grown-up projects.

What You'll Need:

- Cotton jersey (0.5m is a safe amount to buy to make four or five bibs)

- Cotton sweatshirting or cotton towelling (we usually buy a small hand towel, but face cloths or sweatshirt scraps will do)

- Velcro or KAM snaps

- Thread

- Sewing machine

- Your copy of the FREE pattern (scroll down to find the download link)

How To

1. Cut out your pattern pieces. The pattern has three sizes, however these are just a guide. The best way to choose your size is to measure the baby's neck, or the neckline of an existing bib, and go from there.

2. Cut out your fabric. For each bib, you will need a main fabric and a backing fabric. These can both be cotton jersey for a simple dribble bib, however for a more absorbent bib, we recommend making the backing out of cotton sweatshirting or towelling. Use the same pattern piece to cut both the front and back pieces.

3. Place your front and back bib pieces right sides together, matching the raw edges all the way round. Pin together, leaving a 2-3cm gap on one of the straight edges.

4. Starting from one side of the gap, sew all the way around the edge, using a ½" (7mm) seam allowance. End at the other side of the gap, backstitching at both the start and end. When sewing the curves, take it slow, pivoting every few stitches. Remember to pivot at the point at the bottom of the bib.

5. Clip into the seam allowance around the curves and trim the point to allow the bib to turn out smoothly. Trim the seam allowance down to half around the perimeter of the bib, except at the gap left for turning (leave this at ½").

6. Turn the bib the right side out through the gap you left, using a blunt pencil or point turner to turn the edges and point out. Press the whole thing, rolling the seams so that they are nice and flat. Tuck in the seam allowance at the gap and press.

7. You now need to close the gap. You can hand sew this shut, but we prefer to sew a line of topstitching around the edge of the bib, securing all the edges and closing the gap in one go.

8. Now is time to install the closure. You can use either velcro, like we have here, or KAM snaps. KAM snaps are plastic snaps that use a special tool for installation. They are nice and sturdy and look really neat, they can also be more comfortable than velcro, but they are more expensive. The velcro we chose to use is 'soft' Velcro, meaning that both sides have both the hook and loop parts, this allows both sides to be soft enough for baby. You will need to add a closure to both strap ends, but on alternate sides. For example, if you install the right hand snap on the front, the left hand snap (or velcro) will go on the back.

The finished products are super cute and practical, and make for lovely gifts for the expectant mum or dad in your life. They are also great for older children to reduce snack-time mess; simply cut out the pattern slightly larger or reduce the seam allowance.

Make It Personal

Make a chevron front

For this version, you will need to use a striped fabric. When cutting out your pattern pieces, place the pattern on the fabric at an angle so that the stripes run diagonally across it. Instead of cutting the main fabric pieces on the fold, cut two - but remember to add seam allowance! Cut out one side at a time, using the first piece as a template for the second, remembering to flip the piece over so that the second is a mirror image of the first. Sew the pieces together down the centre front, matching the stripes. If you are struggling, then lots of pinning or basting the pieces together first can help.

You can then use this as a complete front piece and follow the above instructions.

Add a slogan

We always see the cutest slogan bibs online, but they are either expensive or mass produced, and we know that we can do it ourselves. For our slogans, we used HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) and a craft knife. Draw out your shape onto the plastic carrier side of the vinyl, then cut it out with the craft knife. Remember to draw onto the plastic side, or your design will be back to front! Place your design onto the finished bib and give it a good press. Peel off the carrier... and ta-da! There are lots of full tutorials online for how to use HTV, including if you have a Cricut, however it is easy enough to do with just a craft knife.

Fabric Recommendations

L-R: Grey French Terry, Pink Sweatshirting, Slate Sweatshirting, High Fives Jersey, Sleeping Lions Jersey, Galaxy Jersey, Flamingo French Terry, Eggshell Stripe Cotton Jersey, Charcoal Stripe Cotton Jersey.

Get The Pattern:

Download and print this pattern at home. Ensure that your printer is set to scale at 100%, or with no scaling so that your pattern will be the right size!

Sew Creative Baby Bib
PDF • 1.42MB

Stay safe and Happy Sewing!

Alex x

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