An Indigo Obsession

At first glance, I wasn't enamoured by the Indigo. The fabric wasn't something I'd personally choose and the length of both the top and the dress just wouldn't have been flattering on my body. However, in the interest of the shop, I decided to whip one up to show our lovely customers what it looked like in person (on the mannequin... definitely not on me!).

What I didn't expect to happen was to become utterly and completely obsessed with this GENIUS pattern!!

I made my first TATB #sewingindigo in our (now sold out) Snow Leopard Viscose, a lovely, floaty fabric with a timeless print. As I don't wear tunic style tops, and the dress looked like it would make me look like I was trying to unsuccessfully style out a hospital gown, so I decided to merge the two; lengthen the top or shorten the dress - take your pick.

I wanted this smock style dress to show off my legs, as I (wrongly) thought (more of this later), the smock style would just hang from my bust and hide any shape I may have. I therefore made the garment end just above my knee, which required me to take approximately 3 inches off the dress length. The garment itself was a very quick and easy sew, perfect for anyone who is new to the wonderful world of dressmaking.

This is the result... not at all hospital gown-like, on trend and unbelievably comfortable. It was love.

What I hadn't taken into account when first glancing at the pattern envelope was, that unlike many other smock dress patterns (and there are many!), the Indigo's bodice is fitted enough to be flattering, whilst loose enough to make you feel like you're wearing your pyjamas - making it the holy grail of sewing patterns. Pyjamas without looking like pyjamas, A.K.A. #secretpyjamas, and absolutely perfect for your new isolation wardrobe!

In all of my Indigo makes, I have opted to omit the frills on the sleeves, however, recently I have seen some very enviable versions with the frill sleeves, so a frill sleeve version may be added to my extensive Indigo sewing list! After completing this make, I made another two Indigos in quick succession, which is when I promptly told myself to stop... but only for a while!

A quick search on social media will show you how completely hackable the Indigo is, for my third version, I used our Leopard Viscose. Another drapey fabric (I really feel this is key to Indigo success), and another classic animal print. This time, I hacked the pattern and added a ruffle hem - a feature that I keep seeing in ready-to-wear and absolutely love. By just adding the ruffle, it feels like a whole new style. To add a ruffle to your Indigo, simply cut a rectangle your required depth and 1.5 the length of the current hem. Gather and attach, and voila! You have hacked your Indigo!

Another joy of the Indigo is the wearability, this garment has taken me from late summer, through to winter, and back into Spring. It looks equally as fabulous with tights and boots, as it does with bare legs and trainers. What's not to love?!

In the studio, I have seen customers make this great pattern in a variety of fabrics, and I have yet to see anyone who doesn't suit this style. If, like me, you like the drapey look, then head over to our 'Great Drape' section in the online shop. Or, opt for a more structured Broderie Anglaise for chic summer style.

(L-R) Lady McElroy Lovehearts Tencel; Burgundy Floral Bubble Crepe; Monochrome Dotty Crepe; Teal Floral Crepe; Tiger Queen Viscose; Leopard Viscose

Tilly and the Buttons Indigo... I truly apologise for my (very) wrong first impression. Now please excuse me, I'm off to make my fourth!

Stay safe and happy sewing, Kate & the Sew Creative Team x

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